Welcome to the 2013 Women's Friendship Season! Entry fees are undetermined at this time.  Players are always looking for teams to play on. If you need players, entry forms or have questions, please contact SCVA Women's Program Director Alice Sanchez at

Rules: In the friendship tournaments, your team must begin the tournament with 5 players. You may borrow a different player for each MATCH. If your team only has 4 players, you will have to forfeit all matches. You do not have to wear uniforms in the friendship tournaments.

NO animals are allowed at any site, NO food/drink in the gyms, NO alcohol. If you are detected abusing or violating these rules, you will be asked to leave the tournament and will face indefinite suspension from future participation.

Uniforms: Teams may wear different number shirts or shorts any color or style. The teams who attend Nationals will need proper uniforms. Please refer to your 2012 - 2014 Official Rulebook for uniform requirements.

Nationals: The 2019 USA Volleyball National Championships are in Columbus, OH.

To enter this event, please register at

Please contact Alice Sanchez, SCVA Women's Program Director, with any questions at