Contact Us

Contact Us

1. For general information please email the SCVA at

2. For all administrative matters, including but not limited to complaints, transfers, and/or questions regarding the SCVA policies and guidelines, please contact Ann Davenport at

3. For information regarding all inter-regional events (Boy's Holiday Classic, Junior Boy's Invitational, Las Vegas Tournament, Junior National Qualifier, and Junior Boy's Classic) please contact Shannon Davenport at

4. For questions and issues regarding the Support the Sport housing polic for our interregional events, please cotnact Ann Davenport at

5. For information regarding how to start a club, registration/information packets, on-line registration, insurance, Advanced Event Systems roster help within the SCVA region, or USAV Team Identification Codes please contact Karynn Darsey at

6. For information regarding regional/weekend playing sites or regional standings for the junior boy's program, please contact Sergio Gonzalez at **Note: Sergio is not the contact for Inter-regional Boys events. Contact

7. For information regarding regional/weekend playing sites or regional standings for the junior girl's program, please contact Brian Brokenbough at

8. For information regarding site directors, official's assignments or information on becoming an SCVA official, please contact Mel Cayetano at

9. For information regarding teh SCVA's Boys High Performance program, please contact Robert Rios at

Regional Commissioner: Ann Davenport
Office Manager: Shannon Davenport
Junior Girl's Program Supervisor: Brian Brokenbough

Junior Boy's Program Supervisor: Sergio Gonzalez
Registrar: Karynn Darsey
Official's Chair: Ken Taylor

Official's Assignor: Mel Cayetano

Men's Program Director: Tom Pestolesi

Women's Program Director: Alice Sanchez

Boys' High Performance Program: Robert Rios

SCVA Office:
Address: 1500 South Anaheim Blvd., Suite 280  Anaheim CA 92805
Phone Number: 714-917-3595