Girls Red Rock Rave

Girls Red Rock Rave
Southern California Volleyball Association - Jr. Nat'l Qualifier Red Rock Rave

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Red Rock Rave--Mandalay Bay Convention Center

2020 Junior National
Qualifier Manual

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  • March 28 - 30--16, 17 and 18 divisions--Open, USA, and American. Tournament registration opens Nobember 1, 2019, with deadline of January 31, 2020. Tournament fee - $900.
    Red Rock Rave #1
    Wave Assignments - Day One
    18 Open  
    18 USA  
    17 American  
    17 Open  
    17 USA  
    16 American  
    16 Open  
    16 USA  
  • To see a list of college coaches in attendance, please click here.
  • April 3 - 5 -- 11s, 12National, 12American, 13Open, 13USA, 13American, 14Open, 14USA, 14American, 15Open, 15USA, and 15American. Tournament registration opens November 1, 2019, with deadlien of January 31, 2020.Tournament fee - $900.
    Red Rock Rave #2
    Tentative--Subject to change
    Wave Assignments - Day One
    Div  Wave


    For the SCVA JNQ the following will be the number of bids offered in each division.


    Food discounts at MGM hotels during the Red Rock Rave Events: MGM Discounts.

    Michael Hall Photography will be on site during the event, you can pre-register by clicking here, or simply register at their booth in the South Hall.

    VIDEO TAPING & USE OF TRIPODS is restricted.  Please refer to the posted signs regarding the SCVA’s policy on photography and videotaping (such policy is also found on the event’s website   Additionally, the Fire Department guidelines require that tripods may not be placed in any walkway or aisle between courts within 10-feet of any main walkway or doorway, and may not be left unattended under any circumstances.  Tripods may not exceed a height of 8-feet above court surface areas.  IF YOUR TEAM HAS CONTRACTED WITH A THIRD-PARTY VIDEO OR RECRUITING SERVICE THAT PLANS TO VIDEO TAPE INSIDE THE FACILITY, you must submit the required notification form to the SCVA with your acceptance of responsibility, the company’s proof of insurance, and business license in addition to a film waiver that must be signed by all other parties who may be captured in your footage including minor children (requires parent or legal guardian permission).  All third-party vendors must comply with both SCVA and LACC rules and regulations, failure to do so will result in removal from the premises. 

    For match results and live updates, please visit Tournament Schedule/Results at

    OFFICIAL NOTICE:  All tournaments are considered private events owned and operated by the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA), under the rules and regulations required for sanction by USA Volleyball.  Tournament areas may be used to photograph and record video and film footage in connection with the sporting event, for authorized use as described in the USAV Code of Conduct required of all participants.  The SCVA is not affiliated with any independent, third-party video, photography or recruiting service that may be filming or photographing at events, and has NOT granted any official rights to these companies for the use of footage obtained at the event. Official media representatives are designated with a MEDIA identification, representing their own individual publications or news sources.   The official photographers are identified with STAFF or PHOTO identification.  Any other persons conducting business in any SCVA competition venue without authorization are subject to removal from the premises.