Jr. Nationals (copy)

Jr. Nationals (copy)


USA Junior Olympic 18s Girls National Championship
Dates: April 26 - 28
Site: Dallas, TX

USA Junior National Girls Volleyball Championship

Dates: June 27th - July 6th

Site: Indianapolis, IN
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 Please email Ann Davenport regarding interest in receiveng and accepting bids.
For SCVA regional bids in the various age divisions, please see the final day of results to be included below:

11 and Under  -

     National Division:
       Forza 1 North 11UA--FJ1FORZA2SC--SCVA At Large Bid
       SG Elite 11Roshambo--FJ1SGELT1SC--SCVA At Large Bid
       Sunshine 11Firecrackers--FJ1SUNSH1SC--Reallocated Bid      


  12 and Under  -

     National Division:
       Forza 1 North 12UA--FJ2FORZA4SC--Reallocated Bid
       Mizuno Long Beach 12Mizuno--FJ2MILON1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SG Elite 12Roshambo--FJ2SGELT1SC--Red Rock Rave

  American Division:
       COAST 12Said--FJ2COAST1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Rancho Valley 12Premier--FJ2RANCH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SG Elite 12Excel--FJ2SGELT2SC--Red Rock Rave
       Tstreet 12Chris--FJ2TSTRT1SC--SCVA Regional Bid

13 and Under  -

     Open Division:
       Mizuno Long Beach 13Mizuno--FJ3MILON1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       WAVE 13Rachel--FJ3WVEVB1SC--Red Rock Rave


    National Division:
       Tstreet 13Taylor--FJ3TSTRT1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Vegas Aces 13Under Armour--FJ3VACES1SC--SCVA Regional Bid

USA Division:
       Actyve 13Mizuno--FJ3ACTYV1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       COAST 13-1--FFJ3COAST1SC--Windy City Qualifier
       Seal Beach 13Black--FJ3SEALB1SC-Red Rock Rave
       SG Elite 13Roshambo--FJ3SGELT1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Sunshine 13North--FJSUNSH3SC--Colorado Crossroads


     American Division:
       Bakersfield 13Sam--FJ3BAKVC1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Forza 1 North 13UA--FJ3FORZA5SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Rancho Valley 13Premier--FJ3RANCH1SC--Red Rock Rave
       Sunshine 13Westside--FJ3SUNSH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Supernova 13All Stars--FJ3SNOVA1SC--SCVA Regional Bid

  14 and Under  -

    Open Division:
       Coast 14Luis--FJ4COAST1SC--USAV At Large Bid
       Surfside 14MB Legends--FJ4SRFSD1SC--Far Western
       TStreet 14Carson--FJ4TSTRT1SC--Red Rock Rave
       WAVE 14Juliana--FJ4WVEVB1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier

    National Division:
       Seal Beach 14Black--FJ4SEALB1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SG Elite 14Roshambo--FJ4SGELT1SC--SCVA Regional Bid


     USA Division:
       949 G14 Black--FJ4949AV1SC--Red Rock Rave
       A4 Voley 14Purple--FJ4A4VOL1SC--Red Rock Rave
       Rancho Valley 14Premier--FJ4RANCH1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Vegas Aces 14UnderArmour--FJ4VACES1SC--Windy City Qualifier


    American Division:
       BCVC 14Smack--FJ4BCHCT1SC--Red Rock Rave
       Mizuno Long Beach 14Rockstar--FJ4MILON1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Rancho Valley 14Premier--FJ4RANCH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SG Elite 14Elite--FJ4SGELT2SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Sunshine 14 South Bay--FJ4SUNSH2SC--Far Western
       Sunshine 14Westside--FJ4SUNSH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Tstreet 14Jon--FJ4TSTRT2SC--SCVA Regional Bid


  15 and Under  -

   Open Division:
       COAST 15Luis--FJ5COAST1SC--USAV At Large Bid
       MLBVBC 15Rockstar--FJMILON1SC--Colorado Crossroads
       SG Elite 15Roshambo--FJ5SGELT1SC--Windy City Qualifier
       Surfside 15 MB Legends--FJ5SRFSD1SC--Red Rock Rave
       WAVE 15Brennan--FJ5WVEVB1SC--Far Western Qualifier

   National Division:
       Forza 1 15UA--FJ5FORZA1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Sunshine 15South Bay--FJ5SUNSH2SC--SCVA Regional Bid


    USA Division:
       SG Elite 15Elite--FJ5SGELT2SC--Far Western Qualifier
       SoCal 15Aimee--FJ5SOCAL1SC--Windy City Qualifier
       Sunshine 15Westside--FJ5SUNSH1SC--Reallocated Bid       

American Division:
      A4 Volley 15Purple--FJ5A4VOL1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
      COAST 15-2 Colleen--FJ5COAST2SC--Reallocated Bid
      Forza 1 North 15UA--FJ5FORZA7SC--SCVA Regional Bid
      Tstreet 15Curtis--FJ5TSTRT1SC--SCVA Regional Bid


  16 and Under  -

   Open Division:
       Coast 16-1--FJ6COAST1SC--Red Rock Rave
       SG Elite 16Roshambo--FJ6SGELT1SC--Far Western Qualifier
       Sunshine 16Westside--FJ6SUNSH1SC--Sunshine Qualifier
       Sunshine 16SouthBay--FJ6SUNSH2SC--USAV At Large Bid
       TStreet 16Mike--FJ6TSTRT1SC--Show Me Qualifier
       Vegas Aces 16UnderArmour--FJ6VACES1SC--Windy City Qualifier
       WAVE 16Brent--FJ6WVEVB1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier


    National Division:
       Mizuno Long Beach 16Rockstar--FJ6MILON1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Seal Beach 16Black--FJ6SEALB1SC--SCVA Regioanl Bid


   USA Division:
      Forza 1 16UA--FJ6FORZA1SC--Reallocated Bid
      SG Elite 16-2--FJ6SGELT2SC--Far Western Qualifier
      WAVE 16Jimmy--FJ6WVEVB2SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier

   American Division:
      Bakersfield 16Judy--FJBAKVC1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
      BCVC 16Gold--FJ6BCHCT1SC--Red Rock Rave
      Club H 16Adidas--FJ6CBHVB1SC--Lone Star Qualifier
      COAST 16-2--FJ6COAST2SC--NEQ Qualifier
      Epic 16Shawn--FJ6EPVBC1SC--SCVA Regioanl Bid
      Momentous 16chris--FJ6MMTSC1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
      Rancho Valley 16Premier--FJ6RANCH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
      Rise 16Joe--FJ6RISEV1SC--Far Western Qualifier

  17 and Under  -

   Open Division:
       Coast 17-1--FJ7COAST1SC--Red Rock Rave
       Mizuno Long Beach 17Rockstar--FJ7MILON1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       SG Elite 17Roshambo--FJ7SGELT1SC--Far Western Qualifier
       Seal Beach 17Black--FJ7SEALB1SC--Crossroads Qualifier
       WAVE 17Kevin--FJ7WVEVB1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier


   National Division:
       Apex 1 17-A1Black--FJ7APEX11SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Tstreet 17Naseri--FJ7TSTRT1SC--SCVA Regional Bid

    USA Division:
       Active 17mizuno--FJ7ACTYV1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       Forza 1 17UA--FJ7FORZA1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Goldenwest 17Asics--FJ7GLDWT1SC--Red Rock Rave
       WAVE 17Nate--FJ7WVEVB2SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier

    American Division:
       Forza 1 North 17UA--FJ7FORZA4SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       New Wave 17Platinum--FJ7NEWWA1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SG Elite 17Elite--FJ7SGELT2SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       SoCal Athletics 17Chris--FJ7SOCAL1SC--Reallocated Bid
       Vegas United 17Navy--FJ7VEGAS1SC--Far Western Qualifier


  18 and Under -

    Open Division:
       A4 Voley 18Purple Joaco--FJ8A4VOL1SC--No Dinx/NCVA Golden State Qualifier
       Coast 18-1--FJ8COAST1SC--AVC Dallas Qualifier
       Forza1 18 UA Dana--FJ8FORZA1SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       Mizuno Long Beach 18Rockstar--FJ8MILON1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       Momentous 18dan--FJ8MMTSC1SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       SG Elite 18Roshambo--FJ8SGELT1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       Sunshine 18 Wstside--FJ8SUNSH1SC--SCVA 18s JNQ


    National Division:
       Laguna 18MS--FJ8LAGUN1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       RVVC 128Premier--FJ8RANCH1SC--SCVA Regional Bid

    USA Division:
       A4 Volley 18Purple Juanchi--FJ8A4VOL2SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       Bakersfield 18John-FJ8BAKVC1SC--Colorado Crossroads Qualifier
       Dig This! Volleyball Club 18National Black--FJ8DGTHS1SC--No Dinx/NCVA Golden State Qualifier
       Epic 18Pat--FJ8EPVBS1SC--Northeast Qualifier
       Goldenwest 18 Asics--FJ8GLDWT1SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       LAVA West 18Adidias--FJ8LAVAW1SC--AVC Dallas Qualifier
       Prime 18Adidas--FJ8PRIME1SC--Boston Volleyball Festival
       SG Elite 18Elite--FJ8SGELT2SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier
       Temecula Viper 18Rafu--FJ8VIPER1SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       Tstreet 18Taylor--FJ8TSTRT1SC--Pacific Northwest Qualifier


    American Division:
       Coast 18-Davis--FJ8COAST2SC--SCVA 18s JNQ
       Forza 1 North 18UA--FJ8FORZA4SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Pac Jrs 18Ren--FJ8PACJR1SC--SCVA Regional Bid
       Seal Beach 18Black--FJ8SEALB1SC--SCVA Regional Bid






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