Las Vegas Classic

Las Vegas Classic
Last updated on May 5, 2021 at 9:45:37 AM
The 35th Annual Las Vegas Classic  
June 4 - 6, 2021 Regarding spectator allowances at Las Vegas Classic:
There are no specifics at this time. the SCVA is waiting for the “Pause” to be lifted in the state of Nevada
Once we more specific details, they will be emailed out and posted. Please refer to the link to Return to Play Policy (above) for reference to some protocols that will be in place at our SCVA events.
Las Vegas Events Update
Summary of Evidence Related to Youth Sports and the Risk of COVID-19

This is a Support the Sport event, which is the "Stay and Play" policy for SCVA events. Please look closely at the policy and plan ahead to book your rooms through KC Sports Housing.

Support the Sport (Event Housing Policy):

  To enter the event, please enter through Advanced Event Systems at  The tournament entry fee is $900 per team.  The event will open on AES at on November 1, 2020, and will close as soon as the event is filled with a current deadline of December 15, 2020.  Due to limited court space, the number of teams will be strictly enforced.  This year the SCVA will offer the following divisions: 18Open Elite, 18Open, 18USA, 17Open Elite, 17Open, 17USA, 16Open, 16USA, 15Open, and 15USA. Rergistration is now closed. Roster deadline is May 21st.

Flow Chart 2021 Playing Grid Court Layout
2021 Girls 18s
Red Rock Rave
Safety Plan
Nevada Roadmap
to Recovery
COVID Waiver Adult COVID Waiver Minor


Check-in will be completed online for this event:

  • Check in online is available from 4/30/2021 through 6/1/2021, 5pm PST.
  • Check in is required for every team.
  • Log in to your AES club account
  • Click My Events
  • Click My Teams to the left of the Las Vegas Classic
  • Click Check In next to the name of the team you are checking in
  • At the bottom of the page that pops up click to open, verify and save your roster
  • Once back to the check in page, type in your name and phone number in the indicated boxes
  • Read over the various things to which you are agreeing by checking in online--IMPORTANT--you will be agreeing to collect waivers (see links to documents above) and the name, phone number, and email address for all rostered staff and players and spectators in attendance with your team.
  • Click the red Check In box at the bottom of the page
  • Once this is completed, no roster changes can be made by you. If you realize you need to make any changes, please contact Karynn Darsey for assistance. 

Wave Assignment:
Below are the wave assignments for Day 1 for the 2020 Las Vegas Classic:

Division Day 1 Wave
15 Open  
15 USA  
16 Open  
16 USA  
17 Open Elite  
17 Open  
17 USA  
18 Open Elite  
18 Open  
18 USA  



There will be no coaches meeting on Friday night.  Any and all changes will be updated on AES.  Please note, that the tournament will be paperless and all results will be accessed online through the AES system, or by using one of their apps for smart phones.

College Coaches : Recruiting materials available through University Athlete.

Coaches in attendance this here.



OFFICIAL NOTICE: All tournaments are considered private events owned and operated by the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA).  Tournament areas may be used to photograph and record video and film footage in connection with the sporting event, for authorized use as described in the USAV Code of Conduct required of all participants. The SCVA is not affiliated with any independent, third-party video, photography or recruiting service that may be filming or photographing at events, and has NOT granted any official rights to these companies for the use of footage obtained at the event. Official media representatives are designated with a MEDIA identification, representing their own individual publications or news sources. The official photographers are identified with STAFF or PHOTO identification.  Any other persons conducting business in any SCVA competition venue without authorization are subject to removal from the premises.